the girl

My name is Brigitte Malessa. If I could have a Super Power, it would be the power of Quick Wit and to be able to translate that into photographs. Along with a whisp of sadness.

For now, I travel, play in the woods and water, enjoy lots of good food and wine and laugh at other’s quick wit.

I am a huge kid and a stubborn hermit whom can spend days alone and lost in the little things in the grass, the  undersides of rocks and the endless visual splendor surrounding us.

Somewhere along the way, I began to feel the need to capture the details of this with photos.

This photo blog is a personal journey to learn more about the art of photography and infuse it with my personality and perspective.



8 thoughts on “the girl

    • Thanks Angie! More images than words. 🙂 I admire your creative and sewing skills…as well as life abroad…blog fodder ? We shall meet for strudel one day!

  1. This is amazing, Brig! When are you coming home next? I will fix you dinner and we can talk and drink wine until the wee hours. I’ve missed you xxxxxx

    • Oh Lynn! I miss your face , your laugh AND your food! It is so hard to guess when I will be back in the south, but I look forward to imbibing and chatting until the wee hours!!! xoxo!

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